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The Complete A-Z System to Get Organized, Find Balance, and Create Time for the Things You Love


Have you ever wondered…….


If today were the last day of your life, what would your kids remember you for?



If this question just made you realize your kids would remember a mom who was frazzled and unfulfilled… who wasn’t very present… who yelled at the people she loved… never felt she was enough… just went through the motions… who lost her sparkle… and never pursued her true purpose…

In short, a mom who let her life slip by, for the sake of getting it all done?

Then you need to hear this:

There comes a time in the life of a mom

when she says “enough.”


  • Returning from school drop off, spending the rest of your morning cleaning up dishes, tidying beds and washing soccer gear (because apparently, it’s always up to you)
  • Saying YES to more volunteering, more extracurricular activities, more work…because isn’t that what “good mom”s do?
  • Feeling so frazzled: you start projects, but never complete them…you can’t stick to a schedule…you’re flounder… not getting anything done.
  • Always putting other people’s needs before your own, which means you have to take a 15-year raincheck from everything fun, from sleeping in, to date night, to enjoying a hot bath…
  • The wondering: “Is this it?”, “Is this all my life is ever going to be?” as you wrap up laundry at 11:20 p.m., only to roll into bed and do it all over again tomorrow.

Remember those days as a new mom? You used to have dreams of the kind of mom you wanted to be. But now you’re stuck in a hurricane of household tasks, spinning your wheels.

Perhaps you’ve reached your “enough”.

Perhaps you feel frustrated, resentful and lonely to boot.

What’s worse?

You keep wondering…

What happened to me, I used to be so fun… now I can barely get out of bed?” and you continue living a life that’s on repeat (a broken record).


“You have no clue how to dig the real you up from underneath a crushing mountain of household tasks.”






Your current hamster wheel reality? The maddening stacks of dishes?

Coma-inducing PTA meetings? Sob-worthy piles of dirty soccer gear?

The having to nudge, negotiate and nag your kids into helping out…

…the late night (or early morning) sensation of wanting to curl up into a ball, pull the covers over your head and be left alone (all day)?

Totally fixable.

Who am I?

Jen Riday – Women’s Happiness and Productivity Coach (and Mom of 6) and Here’s My Story…

After a decade of trying to live up to the relentless expectations of being a “good mom” (while feeling my energy slipping by the day)… I experienced a crushing miscarriage.

It wasn’t my first miscarriage. But it happened on Christmas day. We had to leave our other 5 kids with the grandparents and drive one hour to the nearest hospital.

The heartbreaking uncertainty made my husband nervous and me critical, and instead of being able to share our grief, we fought in the car…

… I walked into the Emergency Room feeling angry and humiliated, and after returning home, the anger and resentment I felt towards life, myself and my husband festered.

When I started thinking: “I’m a crappy mom”, “I’m horrible at this”, and “I don’t think anyone would care if I’d just disappeared”…

… that was my “ENOUGH”.

And I realized…

“The greatest gift I can give my kids is my own happiness.”

“How can I expect my kids to grow up to be happy adults, if I can’t even do it myself?” I was done giving everything. There was nothing more to give. That was the turning point…

I set out on a journey to find out what makes me happy. I prioritized the essentials and learned to say a powerful NO to everything else.

And I figured out a Time Mastery system that cuts my workload in half and makes me feel amazing. Yes…

I’ve spent over 1000 hours researching Time Mastery – from reading blog posts, taking courses and attending seminars and live events.

And I didn’t just gather information… I tested the various methods in my own family life (with my kiddos as brutal judges) and condensed everything I learned into a simple and proven system that’ll help you…

Free Up 10-20 Hours Every Week – So You Finally Have Time To Do The Things You Love

What’s more? It also gets your kids and husband to chip in and teach you how to say NO (without feeling guilty) – so you get to play, rest, read, exercise and feel like you deserve it.

“Imagine Being The Happiest, Most Vibrant Mom You Know.”

This 4-week program is the only Time Mastery program that’s created with YOU in mind – a frazzled mom who wants more out of life (and to be happy again).

It hands you PROVEN, easy-to-implement action steps to transform your daily routines, find clarity on who you are, and save 10-20 hours each week to do the things that matter to you.

Go from frazzled and frustrated to mastering your time, routines and mindset – so you can finally breathe again and unfold your true purpose here on earth.

Stop wasting time trying to fix your overwhelm with planners, apps and sticky notes – and instead – tap into a one-stop source that’ll help you align everything you do with your goal of being a happy, present and loving mom and wife.

“Feel Like You Should Be Able To Fix Your Routines On Your Own? Think Again!”

Joining Time Mastery for Women means you’ll tap into a community of like-minded moms.

A group of women that share your dreams (and challenges) and will offer invaluable insights, best practices and the accountability you need to stay your game – so you can cut your workload in half, and enjoy guilt-free “me time”.

And ya know what?

If you implement all the steps I lay out for you in Time Mastery for Women, you’ll get results – guaranteed.


Don’t just take it from me.

Let my students do the talking…

“Before Time Mastery For Women, I was always in reactive mode – doing whatever task HAD to be done at that moment (usually something for someone else). No matter how I spent my time, I felt guilty for not doing something else. Not anymore! Jen helped me to define my top priorities, and now when I’m faced with a decision, I immediately know when to say yes and when to say no, and the guilt is gone. Time Mastery For Women is uplifting and fun, and devouring each new lesson was the highlight of my day! A fantastic investment for my life!”

Megan Tenney

“I feel like it was an answered prayer that I just happened to come across your program. Before Time Mastery for Women I really didn’t have a schedule, so I just felt like I was floundering. I had trouble completing projects. I’d look at my list of things to do and start working on one thing and then see something else and go work on that and then not get anything done. Time Mastery has really helped me know what I want out of life and how I want to feel and once I put that into perspective everything else just kind of fell into place.”

Jen Ruppersberger

“Jen’s expert advice and tried and true methods in Time Mastery for Women have helped me to get a vision for who I want to be known as and to enable to me make real goals for the first time in my life!! I love the simple step-by-step layout and the tools she uses! I grew up as a caretaker and have never seriously considered the opportunities that my gifts present to me. I’ve been able to learn to quiet myself before God and hear his vision for me better, and I’ve been able to make steps in having my 4 children take more responsibility around the house so I don’t spend what feels like every waking moment on ‘survival’ tasks. I’m learning to look ahead and be more intentional about what is going on the calendar and thinking about what the best ‘yes is for me!”

April Stoltzfus

“Jen’s system teaches you to identify the time thieves in your day and gives you the ability to stop being victimized by them. It empowered me to live more fully each day by helping me identify what is truly important and to prioritize those things in my life. This course is a truly unique, inspired time management program that definitely improved my life.”

Kitt Rothstein

Inside Time Mastery for Women, you’ll find actionable strategies and step-by-step templates, trainings and activity sheets that’ll help you focus on the high impact stuff (vs getting side-tracked and losing momentum).

It’s the difference between your kids remembering a mother who struggled her whole life and never felt good enough… and living life to the fullest while being a stellar role-model of self-love and balance to your kids.

For the next 4 weeks, I’ll be standing by your side. I’ll coach you through the entire process. We’ll peel away the unnecessary and overwhelming layers of martyrdom style motherhood. It’s time, my friend.

It’s time to get your SPARKLE back!


And unlike other resources out there, I understand this isn’t just about getting laundry done faster, this is about your happiness.

You deserve a solid blueprint that goes beyond mastering your time… and shows you how to give meaning to every moment of your day.

Don’t spend your precious life on battling an endless to-do list but instead… minimize time spent on mundane tasks, and free up hours and hours to devote to the things that make you happy.

Here’s how…


The 4-part Time Mastery for Women Curriculum:

Module #1 – Create Your Legacy

1.1  – Pinpointing Your Priorities

Establish crystal clear priorities – and uncover what’s truly important to you – what makes you happy, what you want your kids to remember about you. Start your days knowing what to do based on your top 4 priorities. Make sure your use of time aligns with what’s most important to you (and it’s not just spent on hamster wheel tasks).

1.2 – Your Vision & Legacy

Lay the foundation for your success. Create a clear, vivid image of what you’d love life to be like – so you can put your brain to work and start visualizing. Leave rudderless-ness behind as you outline what life will look like in 1, 5, 10 or even 20 years from now. I’ll also share the key secret to overcoming “not enough time syndrome”. Imagine KNOWING you have plenty of time for what really matters (this is SO liberating!).

1.3 – Mountain Moments

This recharge strategy will get you out of the juggling jungle + give you a spectacular eagle view of your life (aka Mountain Moment). Release the noise of what you’re “supposed to do”, and instead tap into your intuition. Up your patience, positivity and resilience before you do anything else – and get ready to experience your best day ever!

1.4 – Rock Your Routines

Accomplish your priorities – using the power of habit. You’ll receive the flexible template system (used by hundreds of moms before you) – to help you stick with your routines. Start + end each day on YOUR terms – without nagging, without giving in.

1.5 – Email Mastery & Inbox Zero

Think Inbox Zero is a myth? Think again! My quick ‘n easy method will get your inbox to 0 in no time. I’ll also reveal my tried and tested success habits to tackling email fast – so you can feel that daily sense of accomplishment from knowing you’ve got it together. Once you learn this trick, you’ll never go back!

Module #2 – Discover Your System

2.1 – Quick Calendaring

Learn the 2 things you should use a calendar for (and you get to choose your calendar – wall, paper planner, or digital – according to your wants and needs!)

2.2 – Your Week-at-a-Glance

Align how you spend your time with your priorities today – and watch the magic unfold. The Week-at-a-Glance is your mission control center and you’re going to love how this streamlines and clarifies your life.

2.3 – Meal and Shopping Mastery

Get your meal plans all set to go – but not just any meal plans! You’ll learn how to create SIMPLE meals that take WAY less time (so you can have WAY MORE time for the things you’re passionate about – that energize you rather than drain you). You’ll also create an easy shopping list template that will help you knock out grocery and household shopping fast!

2.4 – Organizing Other People

STOP being a micromanaging slave. Learn to be the CEO of your home. Help to organize your kids, spouse or other family members. Discover how to establish a household routine that teaches kids responsibility. What’s next? Step back. Allow natural consequences to work their magic. Celebrate never having to nag again!

2.5 – Purposeful Planning

Now that you’re all set up with a squeaky clean routine, your inbox at zero, your husband and kids sharing the load… it’s time to see how it works together. With only a few minutes of planning each week, you’ll feel on track and in control of your life and time.

Module #3 – Pursue Your Passions

3.1 – Your Year-at-a-Glance

Never have tax-time, birthdays or school registration/shopping sneak up on you again! Avoid unnecessary stress with the Year-at-a-Glance worksheet – giving you a powerful perspective of your year (and how your time aligns with what’s most important to you).

3.2 – Tasks, Projects & Passions

Tasks? Projects? Passions? Yep, they’re vastly different and they all have their place. In this lesson, you’ll learn the critical habit of focusing on what energizes + fulfills you. I’ll show you my proven system for templating your tasks, projects and passions. You’ll learn to strengthen your resolve to focus on the things that excite you – so you’ll feel the way you WANT to feel.

3.3 – Task Blocking

Learn how to spend WAY less time on those mundane and never-ending household tasks. How? By learning the rules of a low-clutter life. The art of visualization. And how to do a brain dump to keep your mind filled with white space. Discover how to use task blocking to maximize your efficiency. The result? Create way more time for the things you LOVE to do!

3.4 – Projects, Passions & Purpose

Get crystal clear on how to move your projects, passions & purpose forward by breaking them down into bite-sized action steps.

3.5 – Getting Fiercely Focused

Discover the art and methods of fierce focus used by some of the most productive people in the world, including working in 45-90 minute blocks, setting a timer, being proactive before you’re reactive, and more!

Module #4 – Clarify Your Mindset

4.1 – Tweaking is Perfection

Make Time Mastery your own. Learn how to combine and tweak all elements. I’ll show you how to adjust as you go (and as your life changes). Making this the only system you’ll ever need.

4.2 – When You Hit a Wall

Improve your mood. Increase your motivation. Overcome emotional block + fears – so you keep moving forward and live life on YOUR terms. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Learn how to boost your mood in 3 minutes. Family upheaval (a move, an illness, an unruly teenager)? Learn how to shift to the bare bones while still taking care of yourself and finding pockets of happiness to keep you going.

4.3 – Choosing Happiness

Discover the Dos (and Don’ts) of happy living. Let go of “victim thinking” and embrace the fact that you are 100% in charge of your own happiness.

4.4 – Building Healthy Boundaries

Preserve your energy and sense of identity with healthy boundaries. Added bonus? Boundaries that strengthen your relationships, increase productivity and happiness! I’ll hand you the exact tools I use (as well as the hundreds of women who are in my programs) to protect emotional and physical boundaries and energy.

4.5 – Living Your Purpose

Commit to a path of pursuing your passions and living your purpose. You’ll end the core curriculum with a bang as you realize how inspired, energized and excited you are about your future.

“I’ve had great success with Time Mastery! So far I’ve made my legacy statement and created a vision for my life. As I did my legacy check-in’s for a couple days I noticed right away my vision for improving relationships was already happening. Yes, things got better that quickly. It’s amazing what a little effort can do to improve something so important.”

Nicki Dimond

“Having formerly been a competitive figure skater and now a chiropractor with a family, I’ve been juggling time for as long as I can remember, so it wasn’t really time management that I needed. I was miserable and caught up in the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘urgents.’ I was also caught up in a really bad case of never doing anything good for myself – feeling guilty if I ever did. Jen Riday, the ‘Time Whisperer’, has taught me things I didn’t even know I could learn. Now I am less exhausted and don’t dread the day when I wake up, and I routinely get to do more of what I want to do, like scrapbooking, playing the violin with my son, and running more.” 

Dr. Laura Sparks

Enrollment closes in…

Join TODAY – Get Immediate Access to These 3 Bonuses…

“I’m an equine surgeon, researcher, and a dabbler in writing and travel photography. Life before Time Mastery for Women was chaotic, overwhelming and stressful. TMFW introduced me to the idea of important vs. urgent, prioritizing self care, and breaking goals into smaller bits. I really improved in my ability to set boundaries and know that progress is perfection. In short, Time Mastery has been a great place to sort out this busy girl’s hectic life and learn to squash overwhelm.

Julie Rosser

“I’m a mother, wife and student. Since Time Mastery I’ve been able to get the ‘work-work’ part of my days done really quickly and I’ve been able to start working on projects, meditating and exercising. The after school routine is becoming more and more about enjoying that quality time together as we work through homework, activities and dinner together. I like that TMFW is a safe environment where you just come as you are and start where you are and go as slow or as fast as you want to go. Even just one improvement makes the investment worthwhile because you can feel that ripple positively in other areas of your life.”

Monika Lyunde


My Personal Money Back Guarantee

Look… if you join Time Mastery for Women and regret your investment for any reason (or no reason at all), shoot me an email and you’ll receive a FULL and immediate refund. No questions asked.

However, I think Time Mastery for Women will give you such a sense of accomplishment and freedom, you wouldn’t dream of returning it, even if I gave you DOUBLE your money back!

Honestly… if you’ve any desire to live your purpose (and be a role model to your kids), give Time Mastery for Women an honest 30-DAY ZERO RISK chance.

Join Time Mastery for Women TODAY Because…

You’ll get my PROVEN strategy for optimizing your routines, setting clear boundaries, and getting twice as much done in half the time…

…PLUS, the live support (from me and other moms) you need to blast through overwhelm and frustration and become the happiest, most vibrant mom you know.

Enrollment closes in:

You Owe it to Yourself to Give Time Mastery for Women a ZERO RISK Chance, If You Can Answer Yes to 3 or More of the Following…

1. You put everything into being the best mom that you can be, but… you’ve lost yourself in the process.

2. You work hard all day. But by the time the kid are tucked in for the night, you wonder, “What did I even do all day? I’ve barely made a dent in my to-do list?”

3. You spend your day “putting out fires” and meeting everyone else’s needs (but never your own) – making you feel overwhelmed and drained.

4. You’ve tried organization/time management systems in the past. They didn’t work. Now you’re not even sure where to start…

5. You have a hard time saying NO, and are easily triggered into feeling guilty.

Tally up your score! 3 or more?

NOTE! if you have no desire to organize your life… if you outsource your household tasks (while you go for a pedicure)… if you believe serving your husband and kids is your sole purpose in life… then Time Mastery for Women is not for you.

Questions Women Ask Before Joining Time Mastery for Women

Will I have TIME to go through the material?

I know you’re crazy busy. And the last thing I want to do is tack on another project to your never-ending to-do list. But here’s the thing – you DO have time. Say what!!? We all have the same 24 hours in a day…but as a woman who wants to pursue her passions and live her purpose, it’s critical that you maximize every hour spent and prioritize what will help with that. So my goal isn’t to add another item to your list, but to show you very quickly that Time Mastery for Women is THE way to find more time, consistently, week by week, month by month, and year after year. This means when you invest the time now, you’ll reap an exponential increase in time for years to come. 😊

Can’t I just google this information?

Sure, that seems reasonable. After all, there’s a ton of great content out there. But the reason you’re here is that you have no time. No time to work your way through advertisement-ridden sites digging for quick and healthy recipes. No time to find + follow blogs from time-savvy moms – picking up a tip or two. No time to read and apply books on decluttering your life… need I say more? Time Mastery for Women offers a proven roadmap from where you are now, to where you want to be – with all the resources you need, in one tidy spot.

I seriously want results. Should I hire a coach?

Hiring a coach is great. But here’s what I believe. Adopting new habits and sticking to them, takes a village. That’s why Time Mastery for Women comes with access to an exclusive community of like-minded moms – who share your goals AND challenges. They’ll offer you the support, accountability + virtual hugs to stay your game.

And when you join Time Mastery for Women you’ll get the insider scoop on how to build habits & stick to them!

(NOTE: by joining Time Mastery for Women (vs hiring a personal coach) you save yourself between $1000 – $10,000, while getting similar breakthrough RESULTS

What if my family won’t cooperate?

Afraid your kids + hubby won’t be thrilled with a mom who says no, wants help in the kitchen and refuses to spend 5 afternoons chauffeuring kiddos from one activity to the next?

Here’s my promise to you:

I’ll show you how to say a 100% guilt-free NO (it IS possible!).

Time Mastery for Women has helped countless women get their spouses and kids on board with anything – from tidying their own beds and doing chores, to cooking, reading and playing together.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive the video training “How to Get Your Spouse and Kids to Be More Responsible at Home” giving you the exact how-to of how I got my kids and hubby to chip in – freeing up hours and hours of my time.

What am I getting if I enroll TODAY?

You get:

MODULES 1-4: the complete 4-part, Time Mastery for Women Curriculum giving you everything you need to prioritize, systematize, plan, and set boundaries – so you can move beyond your to-do list and live a fulfilling life.

BONUS #1: The TMFW Private Facebook Community

Get the support, accountability and friendship you need to make lasting changes and find your purpose! Included are weekly LIVE Question & Answer sessions, to help you implement the information in your life. Also… this is the perfect place to share how you’re feeling and have other women say, “I get it.”

BONUS #2: “How to Get Your Spouse and Kids to Be More Responsible at Home” Training (includes digital kids’ chore chart)

In this video training, I’ll share my proven – and OH-SO-ENJOYABLE – recipe for getting your spouse and kids do more (so you can do less).

BONUS #3: Emotional Detox Workshop + Meditation Bundle

Learn the 5 ways to let go of limiting beliefs and fears – so you can uplevel your life (includes the Emotional Detox Guided Meditation Bundle).

I understand that if I put in the work and implement the systems I WILL see epic results - but how many hours should I be setting aside each week?

Remember, the goal here is to have every hour you invest in learning and implementing Time Mastery for Women fully optimized to give you the largest return possible. Here’s what you should expect. You will get access to the the members area and welcome video the minute you join.  Then, on February 5, 2018 we begin Module 1.

There’s roughly 20 hours of training inside the program, broken up into bite-sized trainings that are easy to digest and accessible at any time. I suggest you spend between 5 hours a week dedicated to the program.  But no worries if that’s too much – you have lifetime access, so you get to go at your own pace!

What is your refund policy?

You have to take enough risks in life, this course shouldn’t be one of them. Try the training for 60 days, and if you do the work, implement and still don’t see results – simply show us your work, and we’ll be happy to refund your entire purchase. Click here for full details.

If I choose the 3-payments of $114 option, when will the other payments be due?

The first payment takes place immediately and the other two payments are 30 days apart (so payment 2 will be charged in 30 days after the day you enroll and payment 3 will be charged in 60 days).

How long will I have access to this program?

You will have lifetime access to the course. That means whenever the course is updated or upgraded, you will have access – forever!

What happens after I purchase Time Mastery for Women?

After you submit your order, you’ll create a username and password. This is how you’ll access the members’ area, which is where you’ll find all of the video content and access the bonus content. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

When does the course begin?

Each of four modules will be released once a week for four weeks starting Monday, February 5, 2018. The schedule is as follows:

Module 1 opens on Monday, February 5, 2018.
Module 2 opens on Monday, February 12, 2018.
Module 3 opens on Monday, February 19, 2018.
Module 4 opens on Monday February 26, 2018.

Once a module is released you will have access to it for life. This includes all future updates and improvements Jen makes to the program. You can work through the program materials as many times as you want throughout the years ahead.

Some students in the past have asked if they can have all the modules at once; the answer is “no” because you’ll see more growth and progress when you move slowly and deliberately through the materials, really soaking in the ideas and bouncing ideas off your fellow students in the Facebook Group.

Does this work on any computer or phone?

Yes, Time Mastery for Women is all online, so if you can access the internet, you can access the course. You can use a Chromebook, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android phone, and almost anything else.

What if I have a question or need support?

We are here to help. Simply email us at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.


You’ve got a purpose beyond doing the laundry, fixing lunches and scrubbing dirty dishes.

In just a short little while, I’ll be closing the doors to Time Mastery for Women – while I support hundreds of moms from hitting the wall…

… to being the happiest, most vibrant woman they know.

Here’s the thing…

I really want you in.

It absolutely rips my soul apart to see moms letting their life slip by – because they feel they’re never good enough… and think pushing themselves harder is the solution.

In the very end? It doesn’t matter if you got all the laundry done. It doesn’t matter if you finally got your mom’s approval.

Here’s what does matter:

“Show your kids what happiness looks like.”

You deserve to have an extra 10-20 hours each week to spend on the things that matter to you (and make you feel amazing)…

You deserve the proven roadmap to get you there asap.

So let’s do this.

Here’s to getting your life back!

~ Jen


MODULES 1-4: the complete 4-part Time Mastery for Women Curriculum giving you everything you need to prioritize, systemize, plan, and set boundaries – so you can move beyond your to-do list and live a fulfilling life.


The TMFW Private Facebook Community

Get the support, accountability and friendship you need to make lasting changes and find your purpose! Included are weekly LIVE Question & Answer sessions, to help you implement the information in your life. Also… this is the perfect place to share how you’re feeling and have other women say, “I get it.”

How to Get Your Spouse and Kids to Be More Responsible at Home” Training (includes digital kids’ chore chart)

In this video training, I’ll share my proven – and OH-SO-ENJOYABLE – recipe for getting your spouse and kids do more (so you can do less).

Emotional Detox Guided Meditation Bundle:

This 3-part bundle of meditations will help you

  • let go of pain from negative interactions with family and friends
  • experience peace and forgiveness,
  • increase laughter, optimism, patience & mindfulness, all from the convenience of home and without hours of expensive therapy.

“Jen Riday, the ‘Time Whisperer’, has taught me things I didn’t even know I could learn. Now I am less exhausted and don’t dread the day when I wake up, and I routinely get to do more of what I want to do, like scrapbooking, playing the violin with my son, and running more.” ~Dr. Laura Sparks

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P.S. Whatever you choose… I want you to FULLY OWN your decision. If the timing isn’t right, don’t beat yourself up. But…

If it’s your inner critic whispering…“This’ll never work for you”, and “You should be able to fix your life on your own”…

… then I’m inviting you to take a deep breath, tell your inner critic: “NOW it’s time for me. I’m taking the brave step toward my own happiness”, and join us right now.

P.P.S. Really want in? Finances are tight? I’ve got a payment plan for you (check it out by clicking on the “Show Me Inside” button below).