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The Complete A-Z System for Creating Time to Pursue Your Passions, Live Your Purpose, & Leave a Legacy

Hi! I’m Jen Riday, mom of 6. I’ve spent nearly 5 years developing, testing and optimizing the most complete, proven and easy-to-use system to create more time to live your purpose and do more of what you love! And it’s flexible enough you can stick with it, making it the last system you’ll ever need. I’ve done everything I can to make this the easiest time management program available.

Let me ask you 3 questions…

*Are you tired of feeling like you’re in the deep end of the pool, treading water, just wishing you could get out and rest?

*Do you fall into bed exhausted at night after spending all your time on your never-ending to do list of laundry, cooking, cleaning, homework and errands, only to wake up with dread the next day as you face having to do  it all over again?

*Do you feel like there’s something “more” you should be doing with your time?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading…


is the only program of its kind that…

Is built specifically for women.

Working, motherhood, volunteering, household tasks… these take a hefty toll on most women. We try so hard to do it all… to be the “perfect” wife, mom, employee, sister, and friend. Sometimes it works, but more often than not our lives get out of balance because we put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own, leaving us feeling empty, depleted and exhausted.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way. Time Mastery for Women helps you let go of guilt and perfectionism AND create a system that frees up time so you can recharge, enjoy time for a good book or some scrapbooking, and even pursue those “dreams” that have been on the back burner, like writing a book or starting a successful business. All guilt-free and without neglecting your loved ones.

Helps you get crystal clear on what matters to you most so you can finally get control of your life and time.

Most women I’ve met describe feeling like they’re drowning with a never-ending to do list, leaving them feeling empty and overwhelmed. Time Mastery for Women will help you get rid of that mental clutter, create white space so you can think, and then guide you through the process of discovering exactly what you should be spending your precious time on and what you want your legacy to be (what your loved ones will remember you for when you’re gone). Creating a clear vision of what you want your life to look like will make it so much easier to say “no” to things that aren’t important, establish boundaries so other people can’t “suck the life out of you,” and stay focused on your priorities and purpose.

Teaches you how to build consistent routines that you can stick with!

Many women, especially moms, feel like being “responsible” for other people also means giving up our mornings and any consistent habits. Time Mastery for Women will help you start the day on YOUR TERMS so you can feel in control and ready to face your day. You’ll learn the art of flexibility (while ditching perfectionism) so you can implement as much or as little of your routine as you’d like that day. You’ll finally be in control of your mornings again and start your day with intention!

Includes easy, tweak-able templates and worksheets in both digital and printable formats.

Since Time Mastery for Women is an implementation program, you WILL be getting your hands dirty with templates and worksheets. Not only do I make it dead simple, but I take nothing for granted, and really go step-by-step to make sure you create a time management system that works for YOU – consistently, over time, for years to come. And you can keep your templates and worksheets handy on your phone, or print them out and hang them in a prominent place that works for you. Everything is tweak-able to work for YOU and the way YOU think.

Covers ALL aspects of time/life management, including scheduling, mindset, healthy boundaries, and getting other family members on board.

Guilt, “good mom syndrome” and the “shoulds” plague many women, making them try to meet everyone else’s needs while never leaving time for themselves. Time Mastery for Women takes you step-by-step through your thought processes so you can let go of perfectionism and guilt, while embracing the activities that energize and excite you. You’ll learn how to establish healthy boundaries and healthier relationships, AND to get your spouse and kids to be more responsible at home. As I say throughout the program, “The greatest gift you can give your children and loved ones is your own happiness.” Time Mastery for Women will help you embrace this new way of thinking, leaving you empowered and so much happier. And that’s not only great for you, but it will benefit your kids, spouse and loved ones as well because you can’t give your family what you don’t have – and if you want your kids to grow up to be happy, you have to model it for them. Time Mastery for Women walks you step-by-step through all these mental shifts necessary to truly embrace a balanced life that includes time for family AND self.

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Here's How It All Breaks Down...

Click on the numbered “Module” tabs below to see what’s offered in each module of Time Mastery for Women.

1.1 – Pinpointing Your Priorities

You’ll learn why it’s critical that you establish crystal clear priorities. Using the Priority Pinpointer Worksheet, you’ll what’s truly important to you, what makes you happy and what legacy you’d like to create (the things your loved ones will remember about you when you’re gone). You’ll also narrow things down and determine your top 4 priorities and make sure your use of time aligns with what’s most important to you (and is not just spent on mundane and meaningless household tasks!)

1.2 – Your Vision & Legacy

In this lesson you’ll learn why having a clear, vivid vision is the foundation of all success and how to use visualization to strengthen neural connections in your brain.  You’ll determine exactly how you want your life to look 1, 5, 10 or even 20+ years from now and learn how to change your beliefs from not having “enough time” to knowing you have plenty of time for what really matters (and this is SO liberating and will feel like such a load off your shoulders once you figure it out!).

1.3 – Mountain Moments

You’ll learn how to get out of the trees so you can see the forest (aka Mountain Moments) so you can learn the art of listening to intuition and knowing what you’re “supposed” to do with your life. This daily recharging strategy will leave you with greater patience, positivity and happiness every single time, which makes your entire day go so much better!

1.4 – Rock Your Routines

Create consistent routines that will help you accomplish some of your priorities in the easiest way possible: using the power of habit. The flexible template system used in Time Mastery for Women will help you easily and consistently stick with your routines. You’ll love starting and ending each day on YOUR terms!

1.5 – Email Mastery & Inbox Zero

Learn how to always have one thing perfectly tidy every single day : your email inbox. Discover how to tackle email fast and feel that daily sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving Inbox Zero. And once you learn this trick, you’ll never go back!

2.1 – Quick Calendaring

Learn the 2 things you should use a calendar for (and you get to choose your calendar – wall, paper planner, or digital – according to your wants and needs!)

2.2 – Your Week-at-a-Glance

Get crystal clear on how your use of time (we have 114 waking hours in the week!) aligns with your priorities. The Week-at-a-Glance is your mission control center and you’re going to love how this streamlines and clarifies your life.

2.3 – Meal and Shopping Mastery

Get your meal plans all set to go – but not just any meal plans! You’ll learn how to create SIMPLE meals that take WAY less time (so you can have WAY MORE time for the things you’re passionate about and the things that energize you rather than drain you). You’ll also create an easy shopping list template that will help you knock out grocery and household shopping fast!

2.4 – Organizing Other People

Learn to be the CEO of your home (instead of the slave!) by helping to organize your kids, spouse or other family members. You’ll discover how to easily establish a household routines system that teaches kids responsibility. After that, you’ll be able to step back and allow natural consequences to work their magic (rather than having to constantly nag!) This is a great way to free up a bit more time for what you actually enjoy doing (since we all know nobody enjoys nagging and micromanaging!)

2.5 – Purposeful Planning

At this halfway point in the program. you’ll take everything you’ve learned in Time Mastery for Women (so far) and see how it works together. You’ll see how just a few minutes of planning each week are like the glue that holds it all masterfully together. You’ll love how you’re feeling more and more in control of your life and time!

3.1 – Your Year-at-a-Glance

Those unexpected quarterly, seasonal and annual tasks & events will never sneak up on you again! The Year-at-a-Glance will give you a powerful perspective of your year and how your time aligns with what’s most important to you.

3.2 – Tasks, Projects & Passions

Discover the difference between tasks, projects & passions and why it’s critical that we do the things that feel energizing and fulfilling (rather than the things that drain us). You’ll create your own template for tasks, projects and passions and learn how to strengthen your resolve to focus on the things that excite you and help you feel the way you WANT to feel.

3.3 – Task Blocking

Learn how to spend WAY less time on those mundane and never-ending household tasks by learning the rules of a low-clutter life, the art of visualization and how to do a brain dump to keep your mind filled with white space. You’ll also discover how to use task blocking to maximize your efficiency so you can create way more time for the things you LOVE to do.

3.4 – Projects, Passions & Purpose

Get crystal clear on how to move your projects, passions & purpose forward by breaking them down into bite-sized action steps.

3.5 – Getting Fiercely Focused

Discover the art and methods of fierce focus used by some of the most productive people in the world, including working in 45-90 minute blocks, setting a timer, being proactive before you’re reactive, and more!

4.1 – Tweaking is Perfection

Learn how to combine and tweak all the elements of Time Mastery for Women so you can make them your own and constantly adjust over time as your life changes, making this the only system you’ll ever need!

4.2 – When You Hit a Wall

Discover how to improve your mood, increase your motivation and overcome emotional blocks and fears so you can keep moving forward and living life on YOUR terms.

4.3 – Choosing Happiness

This discussion of the Do’s and Don’ts of happy living will help you let go of “victim thinking” and embrace the fact that you really are 100% in charge of your own happiness.

4.4 – Building Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries help you preserve your energy and sense of identity, strengthen your relationships, and increase your productivity and happiness in general. You’ll learn how to strengthen your boundaries so you can protect your emotional and physical energy.

4.5 – Living Your Purpose

In this final lesson of Time Mastery for Women, you’ll “get out of the trees so you can see the forest” one last time and commit to the path of pursuing your passions and living your purpose. You’ll end the course feeling inspired and grateful for how far you’ve come and excited for all the amazing things awaiting you in the future!

Bonus 1: Instant Access to the Time Mastery for Women Private Facebook Community

Get the support, accountability and friendship you need to make lasting change and find your purpose! This is essentially group coaching with the ease and convenience of Facebook. Jen does a LIVE Question & Answer session every week so you can keep moving forward through the program and implementing things in a way that works perfectly for you. This is also the perfect place to share exactly how you’re feeling and have another woman say, “I get it.”

Bonus 2: The Life-Changing Magic of Getting Your Spouse and Kids to Be More Responsible At Home (includes kids’ chore chart).

It really is possible – and OH-SO-ENJOYABLE – to get your spouse and kids to do more. I teach you the art of establishing strong boundaries, letting go of expectations (or at least reducing them) so you can watch your loved ones start to step up and fill in the gaps – and leave you WAY MORE FREE TIME as a result! This video training and accompanying templates make it easy!

Bonus 3: The Emotional Detox Guided Meditation Bundle

This 3-part guided meditation bundle will help you let go of resentment & past hurts, as well as help you learn how to cope with new stressors and problems that come up in daily life. These mediations (created by Jen) will help you…

  • release pain from negative interactions with family & friends,
  • experience deep forgiveness & peace,
  • enjoy your relationships more fully,
  • feel lighter, happier & more like your authentic self,
  • increase laughter, optimism, patience & mindfulness
    (Yes, all that, and you don’t have to pay for expensive therapy to get the same benefits!)


Don’t just take it from me. Let my students do the talking…

“Before Time Mastery For Women, I was always in reactive mode – doing whatever task HAD to be done at that moment (usually something for someone else). No matter how I spent my time, I felt guilty for not doing something else. Not anymore! Jen helped me to define my top priorities, and now when I’m faced with a decision, I immediately know when to say yes and when to say no, and the guilt is gone. Time Mastery For Women is uplifting and fun, and devouring each new lesson was the highlight of my day! A fantastic investment for my life!”

Megan Tenney

“I feel like it was an answered prayer that I just happened to come across your program. Before Time Mastery for Women I really didn’t have a schedule, so I just felt like I was floundering. I had trouble completing projects. I’d look at my list of things to do and start working on one thing and then see something else and go work on that and then not get anything done. Time Mastery has really helped me know what I want out of life and how I want to feel and once I put that into perspective everything else just kind of fell into place.”

Jen Ruppersberger

“Jen’s expert advice and tried and true methods in Time Mastery for Women have helped me to get a vision for who I want to be known as and to enable to me make real goals for the first time in my life!! I love the simple step-by-step layout and the tools she uses! I grew up as a caretaker and have never seriously considered the opportunities that my gifts present to me. I’ve been able to learn to quiet myself before God and hear his vision for me better, and I’ve been able to make steps in having my 4 children take more responsibility around the house so I don’t spend what feels like every waking moment on ‘survival’ tasks. I’m learning to look ahead and be more intentional about what is going on the calendar and thinking about what the best ‘yes is for me!”

April Stoltzfus

“Jen’s system teaches you to identify the time thieves in your day and gives you the ability to stop being victimized by them. It empowered me to live more fully each day by helping me identify what is truly important and to prioritize those things in my life. This course is a truly unique, inspired time management program that definitely improved my life.”

Kitt Rothstein

“Jen Riday, the ‘Time Whisperer’, has taught me things I didn’t even know I could learn. Now I am less exhausted and don’t dread the day when I wake up, and I routinely get to do more of what I want to do, like scrapbooking, playing the violin with my son, and running more.” ~Dr. Laura Sparks


I’ve done everything I can to make this the easiest time management program available.

I know it works because it’s the exact same system that I’ve been using to run my 8-member household AND to make time for my work with women, all while feeling calm, in control and on top of things.

However, if you’re on the fence…or if other time management trainings have left you skeptical, then I want to give you every chance possible to buy it and implement it with absolute confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 60 DAYS to go through the program, follow the simple step-by-step plan, and realize for yourself just how amazing it feels to feel in charge of your time and life.

“I’m a mother, wife and student. Since Time Mastery I’ve been able to get the ‘work-work’ part of my days done really quickly and I’ve been able to start working on projects, meditating and exercising. The after school routine is becoming more and more about enjoying that quality time together as we work through homework, activities and dinner together. I like that TMFW is a safe environment where you just come as you are and start where you are and go as slow or as fast as you want to go. Even just one improvement makes the investment worthwhile because you can feel that ripple positively in other areas of your life.”

Monika Lyunde


Time Mastery for Women is Perfect for You If …

 You feel like your to-do list is never ending. You work hard all day, but when the day is said and done you don’t know where your time went and you feel like you barely made a dent in your to-do list.

 You feel overwhelmed, you’re not taking very good care of yourself, and you feel empty and drained, like your life lacks meaning.

 You spend your day “putting out fires” and meeting everyone else’s needs (but never your own).

 You struggle to establish and consistently follow routines for your day. You put everything into being the best mom that you can be, but now you feel like you’ve lost a bit of yourself in the process.

 You need help organizing your life and crawling out from all the mundane tasks that fill your day so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy.

  You’ve tried other organization/time management systems in the past, only to find they didn’t really solve the problem or that you weren’t able to stick with them over time.

  You feel guilty and have a hard time setting up boundaries for yourself.

  You struggle to get your family to help with meals, pick up after themselves and do anything to help around house (and this might even include your spouse!)

 You’re not even sure where to start…

“I’m an equine surgeon, researcher, and a dabbler in writing and travel photography. Life before Time Mastery for Women was chaotic, overwhelming and stressful. TMFW introduced me to the idea of important vs. urgent, prioritizing self care, and breaking goals into smaller bits. I really improved in my ability to set boundaries and know that progress is perfection. In short, Time Mastery has been a great place to sort out this busy girl’s hectic life and learn to squash overwhelm.

Julie Rosser

Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that if I put in the work and implement the systems I WILL see epic results - but how many hours should I be setting aside each week?

Remember, the goal here is to have every hour you invest in learning and implementing Time Mastery for Women fully optimized to give you the largest return possible. Here’s what you should expect. You will get access to the the members area and welcome video and all the modules. lessons and bonuses the minute you join.  There are about 20 hours of training inside the program, broken up into bite-sized trainings that are easy to digest. I suggest you spend about 2-5 hours a week dedicated to the program.  But no worries if that’s too much – you have lifetime access, so you get to go at your own pace!

I barely have enough time to get things done as it is - how will I find the time to implement this program?

I know you’re crazy busy. And the last thing I want to do is tack on another project to your never-ending to-do list. But here’s the thing – you DO have time. Say what!!? We all have the same 24 hours in a day…but as a woman who wants to pursue her passions and live her purpose, it’s critical that you maximize every hour spent and prioritize what will help with that. So my goal isn’t to add another item to your list, but to show you very quickly that Time Mastery for Women is THE way to find more time, consistently, week by week, month by month, and year after year. This means when you invest the time now, you’ll reap an exponential increase in time for years to come.

What is your refund policy?

You have to take enough risks in life, this course shouldn’t be one of them. Try the training for 60 days, and if you do the work, implement and still don’t see results – simply show us your work, and we’ll be happy to refund your entire purchase. Click here for full details.

If I choose the 3-payments of $114 option, when will the other payments be due?

The first payment takes place immediately and the other two payments are 30 days apart (so payment 2 will be charged in 30 days after the day you enroll and payment 3 will be charged in 60 days after the day you enroll).

How long will I have access to this program?

You will have lifetime access to the course. That means whenever the course is updated or upgraded, you will have access – forever!

What happens after I purchase Time Mastery for Women?

After you submit your order, you’ll create a username and password. This is how you’ll access the members’ area, which i where you’ll find all of the video content and access the bonus content. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

When does the course begin?

All modules, lessons and bonuses are available instantly when you join Time Mastery for Women. And you’ll have access to everything for life. This includes all future updates and improvements Jen makes to the program. You can work through the program materials as many times as you want throughout the years ahead. Some students in the past have asked if they can have all the modules at once; the answer is “no” because you’ll see more growth and progress when you move slowly and deliberately through the materials, really soaking in the ideas and bouncing ideas off your fellow students in the Facebook Group.

Does this work on any computer or phone?

Yes, Time Mastery for Women is all online, so if you can access the internet, you can access the course. You can use a chromebook, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android phone, and almost anything else.

What if I have a question or need support?

We are here to help. Simply email us at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

“I’ve had great success with Time Mastery! So far I’ve made my legacy statement and created a vision for my life. As I did my legacy check-in’s for a couple days I noticed right away my vision for improving relationships was already happening. Yes, things got better that quickly. It’s amazing what a little effort can do to improve something so important.”

Nicki Dimond

“Having formerly been a competitive figure skater and now a chiropractor with a family, I’ve been juggling time for as long as I can remember, so it wasn’t really time management that I needed. I was miserable and caught up in the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘urgents.’ I was also caught up in a really bad case of never doing anything good for myself – feeling guilty if I ever did. Jen Riday, the ‘Time Whisperer’, has taught me things I didn’t even know I could learn. Now I am less exhausted and don’t dread the day when I wake up, and I routinely get to do more of what I want to do, like scrapbooking, playing the violin with my son, and running more.” 

Dr. Laura Sparks

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I can’t wait to walk you step-by-step through your first wildly successful time management system!

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